Never Forget.

On September 8, 2007, Corporal Arlie Jones, Corporal Scott Gardner, and Corporal Abel Marquez responded to a domestic violence call.  

When the three officers arrived, the victim left her home and told the officers that her husband had hit her. The officers were unable to gain entry into the home through the front door. They then attempted to gain entry through the back door. As they did, the suspect opened fire, killing Corporal Jones and Corporal Gardner, and critically wounding Corporal Marquez.

The suspect was later shot and taken into custody after a four hour standoff. He passed away of cancer on May 31, 2011, before standing trial.

Corporal Marquez was transported to a local hospital where he remained unconscious until passing away four days later.

Corporal Jones had served with the Odessa Police Department for 23 years.


Corporal Gardner had served with the Odessa Police Department for just over four years and had previously served as an animal control officer.


Corporal Marquez is survived by his two children and two brothers, both of whom also served with the Odessa Police Department. One of his brothers was one of the first officers on scene following the shooting and assisted his mortally wounded brother into a patrol car to be taken to the hospital.





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