Police Explorers Post #55

The Police Explorers Program is a nationally recognized program sponspored by the Boys Scouts of America. The PPOA is home of the Police Explorers Post #55 and provides a unique opportunity to young adults (male and female, 14 to 20 years old) to gain insight into the law enforcement profession. 

Interested young persons submit an application packet (see below) to the Odessa Police Department front desk.  For more information, you may also reach us through the contact form or email us at: odessappoa@gmail.com

Police Explorer Classes are held every other Thursday night from 6-8pm at the Police Athletic League Gym, located at Floyd Gwin Park, West 10th Street & North County Road West.

Application Documents

The information requested on the Odessa Police Explorer Application (Form PPOA-801-A) is required to determine the applicant’s eligibility and qualifications for appointment as an Explorer with the Professional Police Officers Association of Odessa (PPOA) and the Odessa Police Explorer Post #55. Failure to answer all questions completely and accurately may be cause for forfeiture of all rights to acceptance. The Application will be used in the competitive assessment of the applicant’s qualifications for the position in which the applicant is seeking. All documents are in .PDF format. 

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